Telephone consultation (Approximately 20 minutes) – Free

Individual Counselling and Psychotherapy – £50 (50-60 minutes)

Individual Counselling and Psychotherapy – Block booking, 6 sessions – £280

Couples/Family Counselling – £60.00 (60 minutes)

Couples/Family Counselling – Block booking, 2 individual sessions and 6 sessions together – £430.00

Group Counselling – Each participant – £10.00 (60-80 minutes)

For face-face sessions, payment can be made prior to our session via bank transfer or in cash or cheque during our session.

Payments for video/telephone sessions must be made by bank transfer prior to our session.

Cancellations before 48 hours will be free of charge, all pre-paid sessions will be carried over or reimbursed if desired (not block bookings).

Non-attendance without notice will be charged at full cost.

**Prices will be reviewed in September 2022**